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QikBuild is a software agency helping startups & and SMEs to build applications with no-code and low-code for fraction of time

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Technology stack

How much does no-code development cost?

Comparison of software development costs with our no-code approach against traditional development approach. Table below summarizes the average cost to build an MVP or the initial version of the software.

Traditional "full-code" development

50 000 $ - 150 000 $


No-code development with QikBuild

8 000 $ - 20 000 $


Our capabilities

(everything - end to end solution)

Whether you want to a start a new venture and launch your product or you are looking for ways to efficiently digitize your internal processes by creating custom tools for HR / Finance / Ops / Sales / Marketing you can build it with us for fraction of cost & time.

We develop web and mobile applications in “visual way” instead of writing each line of the code.
This approach significantly boosts our productivity compared to traditional development agencies.

And when we hit the limit of no-code tools, we’ve got your back with extending the apps with custom code.

You need your MVP fast and you don’t want to burn all money on development. If that’s your case we should talk. Whether you’re building SaaS app, marketplace, social media app or anything else, we are here to help you build it.

You want to digitize your customer journey or build flexible and scalable internal tools? For small & medium businesses it doesn’t make economic sense to invest hundreds of thousands and months/years of development to build apps in traditional way. With no-code you have flexibility of traditional development and cost compared to using existing pre-built, but not flexible solutions.

Looking to extend your internal IT teams or innovation hubs? We are here to help you to move faster in large corporations thanks to innovative no-code approach.

3 simple steps

Talk, draw & deliver


We sit together and define the scope and goals of the project. We transform the idea into high-level solution proposal.


If you do not have your inhouse design team, we got your back. We start with wireframes to define basic scope and then deliver full design.


We build an MVP of your app in weekly sprints and with close collaboration with your team.

Frequently asked questions about no-code

We are helping primarily 2 types of clients:
1. Early stage startups which need super-fast development without spending huge budgets just to build an MVP.
2. Small & medium businesses looking for innovation of their customer-facing products and/or building internal tools

Usually, the first functional product/delivery is developed within 4 weeks from receiving all the inputs for the development. (mainly UI/UX desings) 

We use mainly Bubble and Weweb for front-end of web applications, Flutterflow for mobile applications and Xano to build the backend(if necessary).

Yes it can.
Most of the platforms can host apps with thousands and tens of thousands of users within standard plans.

If you get to the point when you need more, these platforms offer dedicated instances capable of serving apps to millions of users.

Yes, all of the no-code tools that we use to build your product can be extended with custom-code.
Most of our team members are ex-coders, so we are able to use custom-code when necessary.

Yes we do.

After handover of initial product it’s your choice. Either we can provide a long-term ongoing support to develop new features or you can take it into your house. 

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