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QikBuild is a long-term WeWeb agency partner with 5+ years of experience in no-code software development.

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How much does no-code development cost?

Comparison of software development costs with our no-code approach against traditional development approach. Table below summarizes the average cost to build an MVP or the initial version of the software.

Traditional "full-code" development

50 000 $ - 150 000 $


No-code development with QikBuild

8 000 $ - 20 000 $


WeWeb use-cases

What can QikBuild build for you in WeWeb

Custom CRM

Keep track of your customer relationships with a custom CRM. It's designed to help you manage your sales, customer interactions, and follow-ups all in one place.

Internal tools

Make your team's daily tasks easier with customized internal tools. From managing inventory to tracking projects, build what you specifically need to work more efficiently.

Booking system

Create a booking system that lets your customers easily schedule appointments or services. It's straightforward and can be customized to fit your business's scheduling needs.

Customer portal

Give your customers a personal space with a customer portal. They can view their transactions, update their information, and get support, all in one spot.


We've already build several two-sided marketplaces using Xano and WeWeb for our clients.

SaaS app

Building a fully functional SaaS web application no longer requires heavy VC investments. Develop your MVP within a weeks.

Frequently asked questions about WeWeb

Every company that wants to develop their applications faster without spending horrible budgets on external teams.
We work with startups, SMEs and large corporations.

Usually, the first functional product/delivery is developed within 4 weeks from receiving all the inputs for the development. (mainly UI/UX designs)
It also depends on complexity of the application and back-end functionalities.

Yes, WeWeb allows you to use no-code functionality combined with plain JavaScript or custom Vue.js components, that can be imported from your Github repository.

Yes it can.

But remember that the performance of your web app depends mainly on your back-end.
We have great experience of pairing WeWeb for front-end development and Xano or Supabase fro back-end development.

Given that WeWeb allows you to extend the native no-code functionality with custom code, we haven’t found such limitation yet.
But there might be, let us know if you’ve found such limitation 🙂

Yes we do.

After handover of initial product it’s your choice. Either we can provide a long-term ongoing support to develop new features or you can take it into your hands. 

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