No-Code Monthly Digest: July 2023

Welcome to our first monthly blog post series, where we explore the fascinating world of the no-code ecosystem. This rapidly growing industry is changing the way people build software, allowing individuals and businesses to create customized solutions without needing to write code. In each edition, we’ll bring you a curated selection of news, updates, and […]

No-code for startups – how to launch faster with minimum budget?

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, launching your startup’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly and efficiently is more crucial than ever. Discover how no-code software development can revolutionize your startup journey, enabling you to go from concept to launch in just six weeks. What is a no-code software development? No-code software development is a modern approach […]

Can you really build software 10x faster with no-code?

And the answer is, as always, it depends on your use-case. With no-code development there are many use-cases, when you can build your product(web or mobile app) a lot faster than with traditional “full-code” development. In this post, we explain what is no-code and which use-cases are suitable for no-code development. What is no-code? No-code […]

Bubble workload optimization – how to efficiently build your no-code app? has recently announced a new pricing model for its users. Main price factor is so called “Workload Unit”. It measures computational resources required to perform application logic, such as data fetching, executing workflows, uploading files, loading pages, and making API calls. Workload units are allocated to these actions based on their complexity, with more […]

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